Advanced Earth System Modelling Capacity (ESM)

A contribution to solving Grand Challenges by developing and applying innovative Earth System Modelling capacity

Work will concentrate on enhancing the representation of Earth system model compartments, for which world-leading expertise is available within the project consortium. Another cornerstone of the project will be the development of a flexible framework for the effective coupling of Earth system model components, which is challenging given the diverse nature of the components and models being coupled. Finally, Earth system data assimilation capacity will be advanced, as the most effective way of combining models and observations.

The Earth system modelling infrastructure will be used in a set of coordinated simulations that push the boundaries of existing numerical experimentation—referred to as frontier simulations—to provide significant progress of our knowledge base.

The more scientifically focussed activities will be augmented by a strategic process also involving external key partners.

Safe nuclear waste disposal is key challenge worldwide – and Earth System Modeling is key for understanding the complex geosystem under...

ESM Project Coordinator Prof. Dr. Thomas Jung from the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI)...

Helmholtz Association's press release for the start of the ESM Project (in German only)

The ESM project will officially kick off on the 30-31 May 2017 at GERICS offices in Hamburg.

The ESM project is partly funded by the Helmholtz Association.

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